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Why do we need a Cryptocurrency Glossary of Terms? Well, Early Cryptocurrency traders and investors started to connect with each other regarding the various currencies in very initiative ways, to them anyway, which are reminiscent of a chat room style of communicating.

As the term would indicate, the ‘crypto’ discussions initially started off in underground chat rooms between the forward thinking early adopters who could easily see the benefits of the disruptive nature of cryptocurrencies.

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Why Is There a Unique Cryptocurrency Glossary of Terms?

The nature of the language adopted in Cryptocurrency trading had evolved from all communication initially would have been taking place online, and usually between very technically competent and youthful users.

This is in contrast to terms that have been used in more traditional investment-type financial asset classes which tend to sound more industry specific, intellectual and sophisticated, albeint equally as puzzling to the average layperson.

Why Is It Important To Know The Cryptocurrency Glossary of Terms?

For anyone who is interested in trading or investing in the Cryptomarket, it is going to be virtually impossible to follow the news and keep up to date on the movements of the various cryptocurrencies if you can’t decipher the language and terms being frequently used.

As such, it is going to be immensely helpful to be able to refer back to a concise list of terms that can use as a reference of the Cryptocurrency Glossary of Terms as you are trading. We highly recommend bookmarking this page as we update it regularly as new terms evolve.

Cryptocurrency Glossary of Terms

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

Cryptocurrency Glossary of Terms

AltcoinAn Altcoin is considered to be any coin other than Bitcoin.
Alt SeasonAlt Season is the time of the year when the altcoins are significantly increasing in value. Can be a period of weeks or months.
ATHThis is an abbreviation for the term ‘all time high’, which is the highest value that a coin has ever reached.
BagholderA trader who holds a high number of coins, with the view to making a profit, though they may be holding non-profitable items.
BitcoinThe first, most well-known and most highly traded Cryptocurrency in the world.
Bullish/BearishAs with Forex and Stock Market, Bullish is when a trader is positive about an asset. Conversely, Bearish is when a trader is negative about an asset.
Burn A mechanism that decreases the total coin supply of a cryptocurrency by destroying an amount of the total coins or tokens available. 
Buy wall – Sell wallA ‘Buy wall’ is the total of the amount of limit orders for buying a coin at a price point. A ‘Sell wall’ is the total of all the limit orders to sell a coin at a price point.
FUDAbbreviation for the term, ‘Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt’ that is caused when there is negative press about cryptocurrencies.
ICOThis term is an abbreviation for the ‘Initial Coin Offering’. It is a term taken from the stock market term, IPO. It is when coins in the Cryptocurrency are first released, before it is listed on an exchange. 
Long-ShortAs with FOREX and Stocks, the term ‘Long’ means to ‘Buy’ and Short means to Sell.
Moon‘To the Moon’, describes a coin undergoes a strong upward movement. If a trader anticipated that a coin will ‘moon’ they expect that it will increase in value.
Pump and DumpA process borrowed from the stock market, whereby a trader or investor will buy a coin and talk positively about it to others, (pump) and then when the price has increased sufficiently, they liquidate their holdings in that asset at once (dump) leaving others to rid- out the decline in value.
RektAn abbreviation of the word ‘wrecked’, this term is used when a trader or Cryptocurrency investor has suffered significant losses
SatDerived from the name Satoshi, a ‘sat’ is the smallest unit measure of a Bitcoin and is equal to 0.00000001 BTC.
Satoshi Satoshi Nakamoto, The inventor of Bitcoin.
ShrillTo shrill is the process of people publicly promoting a cryptocurrency, usually through the use of social-media.
Weak HandWeak hands are the suckers in the market that (unfortunately) end up buying when the price is at a high, and selling when the price is low.
Whale A trader or investor who has a significant monies who can potentially have a influential effect on the price of the cryptocurrency.

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As always, if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us. Happy trading!

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